How long do sessions usually last?
Newborn sessions can last anywhere between 1-2 hours. Child and family sessions last no more than 1 hour.
Where do sessions take place?
Newborn sessions take place in the morning at my in-home studio in Pittsford, NY. Child and family sessions take place in the evening at an outdoor location in the Rochester, NY area.
When will my digital files be ready?
I know how excited you will be to see your photos. That is why the digital files will be sent to you within 1 week.
How do I prepare my newborn for the session?
The goal for your session is to keep your baby asleep the entire time, so that I can get those cute curled up squishy poses! If you can keep your baby awake for 2 hours before your scheduled shoot time, and fully feed your baby right before getting into your car to see me, we should be all set! Bringing a pacifier is a bonus so that I can sooth your baby just in case he/she needs some comfort during the shoot.
How far in advance should I schedule?
For newborn shoots please contact me at least 1 month before your baby is born. You'll contact me again the day your baby is born, so that we can book your newborn shoot 5-10 days later. For children and family shoots, please schedule at least 1 month in advance.
Where should I order my prints from?
I recommend using for high quality prints. Typically, printing your digital files from drugstores will distort the quality and coloring of your photos.
What happens if I need to reschedule?
We will reschedule if the weather is bad, or if you have a family illness.
Do you charge a fee for travel?
I typically stay in the Rochester, NY area. Anywhere outside Rochester, NY I will charge a minimal fee.
When's the best time for an outdoor family shoot?
If you want the absolute richest, warmest, most beautiful light, the hours directly following sunrise and leading up to sunset – known as the golden hours – are prime time for natural light.
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